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Navigating Returns

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Returning your Order

This will assist you in navigating the rare instances of defective, damaged, or missing items. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to resolve any issues efficiently. Here's a quick overview of how to handle specific scenarios:


What if I have a product older than 2 years guarantee?
Products with a guarantee that have expired after 2 years cannot be uploaded; they are marked in red and have to be deleted from the list (see example below).

How to upload my return form?
Currently, please send it via email to An upload functionality will be accessible shortly.

Why are my returns being rejected?
Any goods returned without a return document inside the box will not be handled and will be returned at the customer's expense.

How to handle receiving defective products?
Defective products must be reported within the 2-year guarantee period from receipt (1 year for your consumers). We will send new products after receiving the report. Contact  for replacement and return. If you have a return, it should be sent with a filled-in Return-form. Click here to download. Your account manager will inform you to ship the defective items back to Shots, or to destroy them.

How to handle receiving damaged products?
All products leave our warehouse in good condition. Products that are damaged must be reported to us within 48 hours from receipt of goods to . We will replace any damaged items. If you receive a shipment with damaged products, or boxes that have been opened or re-taped, you must inform the driver and have them note this on the computer; for pallet deliveries, the driver must make a note on the (CMR) transport document. Please ensure the driver notes the problem in their delivery record; without this record, you cannot claim. You can send pictures of the products or boxes for proof. We will follow up on the claim with the transport company.

How to handle missing items on delivery?
All orders are scanned and checked by 2 people, so mistakes are kept to a minimum. However, on occasion, errors will occur. All missing products must be reported to us within 4 working days from receipt of goods to . We will send out the missing products when in stock; otherwise, we will credit the missing items.

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