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We are happy to announce that we are now offering Shunga, a brand that does not need an introduction in our industry, it is Shunga. In this interview, Michel, Shots' account manager, and Roos-Anne, the company's sexuologist, shed light on the strategic significance of this partnership, emphasizing the shared values and vision that make Shots and Shunga an ideal match. Read on!

How excited are SHOTS about this new addition to your range, as SHUNGA is undoubtedly one of the long-established brands in our market?
Michel: Very excited . The brand is known for its high-quality formulations and unique fragrances. Shunga has gained popularity for its artistic packaging and attention to detail, making it a favorite among individuals and couples  who are exploring and enhance their intimate moments.

Roos-Anne: Yes, very excited , to add uch an established brand to our portfolio makes us feel very proud and confirms the new direction that weh ave at Shots , focus and tailor tot he market with the right portoflio, to add Shunga in this time in this market is a big big deal for us.

When did the idea of a distribution agreement first arise? And what led to the agreement between the two parties? Why are SHOTS and SHUNGA a good match?

Roos-Anne: Everybody knows Shunga, but also everybody knows the market it changing , we always had a good relationship but with the changing direction and focus we as Shots have for our partners the time was here and now to come to an agreement. We both have the passion for quality products, are both interested in long term partnerships and our companies are leaders in our industry, it is joining forces.

Michel: Both Shots and Shunga stand for success! The companies have a clear strategy, vision and expertise. By combining the strengths of both companies, it creates an ideal match to increase awareness and further growth in Europe.

There is not much more that needs to be said about the SHUNGA brand, but perhaps you would like to tell us why you think SHUNGA is an excellent choice for your product range?

1 Shunga is a well know name with a great Reputation. And the customers trusts the brand.
2 The diversity of their product assortment.
This variety allows to cater to different preferences within our customer base.
3 Great Quality. They use premium ingredients in their formulations, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for users.

Roos-Anne: Plus it completes our portfolio, Shots is thé partner where you can buy it all.

In view of your large range of own and third-party brands - including in the product categories in which SHUNAG is at home - the question arises as to how and where the brand will fit into your portfolio?

 Michel: We indeed have already amazing third party brands and own brands where we are proud of.  But as I mentioned earlier the Shunga brand has products with unique features,  Great quality, Artistic Packaging etc. and  because of this it will be a perfect addition to the Shots portfolio.

SHUNGA's portfolio is extensive. Does SHOTS offer the complete range?

Roos-Anne: Yes we do! We truly believe in Shunga and carry therefor the complete range, again we are fully committed in a long term partnership and offer the complete range.

 What expectations do you have of the distribution agreement? On the one hand, SHUNGA is a very well-known and popular brand with a long tradition in our market, and on the other hand, it is already offered by some other distributors?

Michel: A Long-Term Relationship and Trust!

I don't see the fact that other distributors have it as a issue. Important is that we discuss together long-term goals, growth strategies, expansion plans, and opportunities in sales and marketing support.

Shots has a dedicated in house sales and marketing team with a lot of talent that is invaluable. For example : Our sales team travels all year round and come to all countries to visit their clients. Via this we can bring the Sungha brand under attention and in this we think we can make a difference.

Roos-Anne: I believe we can make a difference in the stock that we carry plus with our new it landscape and updated logistic system we can ship out orders really fast I think that will also set us apart.

 Can you give us a little foretaste of the coming months in terms of the development of your portfolio? What's on the horizon for own brands? What are your plans for third-party brands? And what will happen with your three 'hero brands' (Doc Johnson, Swiss Navy and Aneros)? 

Michel: We will be releasing an amazing own brand release during the upcoming Erospain in Barcelona which we are very excited about. I would say - Come to visit us at Booth 300 to explore all of it.

 We will also continue to give full attention to our exclusive brands Doc, Swiss and Aneros, which we consider our own brands, and we are working very hard to grow these brands further in Europe.

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