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Introducing the Playful S-Line Family of Shots: 5 New Members Join the Party!

At Shots, we like to do things a little differently. Instead of your typical, run-of-the-mill product release, we're letting our new additions to the S-Line family of Shots speak for themselves. Trust us; you're in for a wild ride! These exciting products, crafted from top-notch TPR and packaged in eye-catching designs, are about to make your wildest fantasies come true. Drumroll, please...

1. The Nurse: "I must say, you've got beautiful veins."

2. The Teacher: "Let's make detention a little more interesting."

3. The French Maid: "I'm all set and ready for you... monsieur."

4. The Dirty Cop: "You have the right to remain silent, but I highly doubt you will."

5. The Stewardess: "Prepare for take-off; you will reach new heights that will leave you breathless.

That was quite an introduction. It's exactly how we're branding S-Line – fun, humorous, and still featuring high-quality products. That's the brand expression we're going for; it'll make you want to buy it all. It's like taking an inside joke to the next level, or just when you're searching for the perfect gift during the holiday season.

To add a fun touch to your store, we've got "The Dirty Cop" as a cutout board introducing her friends. And if space is tight, don't worry – she's also available as a smaller cutout board, serving as an assistant at your counter or next to the items on your shelves.

So, get ready to embrace the playful and adventurous spirit of Shots' S-Line family with these exciting new additions. Whether you're looking for a cheeky gift or a way to spice things up, Shots has you covered. Come join the fun, and let the good times roll!

About S-LINE
The S-Line is one of the in-house hero brands of SHOTS putting a twist on funny and naughty products. It starts with a joke and where it ends up, is up to you. All products of S-Line are a surprising and funny addition to any floorspace or window display. Making S-Line an ideal brand for offline and online marketing for any holiday or celebration.

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