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OUCH! Xtreme

It's for those who don't mind turning up the heat a notch, embracing desires, and ride that wave with a burst of energy. OUCH! launched a new addition to the current OUCH! Portfolio: OUCH! Xtreme, is designed for the more experienced BDSM product users. 

Perfect for the more adventurous souls out there
OUCH! Xtreme offers a wide range of items that go beyond traditional handcuffs and ball gags - think of funnel gags, labia spreaders, body bags and more. Perfect for BDSM enthusiasts or couples looking to add excitement to their intimate moments. The items are adjustable and are made from premium PU leather.

To make the OUCH! Xtreme experience even better, we provide a vibrant yellow bondage tape that completes this collection! This tape complements the product line's aesthetics while it also can influence purchasing decisions.

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