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Meeting the designer behind Le Désir

Meeting the designer behind the new Le Désir collection “Shade” we are able to have a look inside one of the creative brains of Shots, Leandra Burgers.
We get to ask questions about how her creative brain works, what triggers her, how she works and why is she not wearing shoes.

Can you walk us through your design process and how you approach creating lingerie that caters to a diverse range of body shapes and sizes?
My process is looking at the market and asses what is missing, what is out there and what can we develop, what influences it has in fashion, what I see on the catwalks now and in the past, influencers, and haute couture This identifies what is in the mainstream fashion and I translate that to our industry. Female bodies are the main inspiration, the shapes, and the lines. I try to get most of my inspiration from Mother Nature.

Lines in the sand, figures in the water along the side, simply a fruit that you cut open; i love the beach! This is how I make figures and then I start drawing, pencil and paper, sketching until I think it's good enough, I already have materials and fabrics. in my head while sketching.

Something else: Rumor has it you don’t like to wear shoes.
Hahaha right, I have a lot of shoes at home but I just don't find them comfortable, I think they are very beautiful and you can complete your outfit with shoes, but when I'm working I want to be comfortable and that's on my socks!

What’s it like to work at SHOTS?
Great, we work in such a fun and young team and we achieve a lot. We are conquering our entire industry and have a lot of freedom in this industry. There are many opportunities and even more open-minded people plus we really have a very nice and close team.

What can we expect from Le Desir this year?
Additions to collections, but also for the first time a larger color range, collections that are already released will reach a higher level this year!

And what about this award for le Désir?
Whooohooo and not just any. We won the SIGN best lingerie line. Really super cool, we had an amazing receival with le Désir last year and we have grown quickly, we released some amazing lines and this award boosts the entire team to get to that next level.

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