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Le Désir Classic Addition

Introducing our stunning new addition to the Le Desir Classic collection! This line consists of 6 captivating designs that celebrates every curve and line on the body. Building upon the foundation of our renowned Classic line, these new additions are elegantly encased in a modern jacket. The collection introduces new designs adorned with captivating new patterns that draw inspiration from our Classic bestsellers.

‘How do you feel your best?’ — This question underpins the essence of the new addition to the Le Désir Classic Collection. With every carefully designed piece, we invite you to explore the answer. Let the interplay of classic elements and elegance sophistication inspire a newfound confidence that radiates from within. We're here to prove that feeling sexy starts with feeling good in your skin.

Feeling confident and comfortable. Who says you can't have both? We recognize the importance of comfort without compromise, so we're bringing you comfort and sexiness in one glorious package. As we're used to the Classic collection, the fabrics and sizes will remain the same. Crafted from an ultra-soft and super stretchy fabric, each item is designed to fit sizes ranging from XS to 4XL seamlessly. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that every wearer feels both comfortable and confident, regardless of their body type.

We’ve added some exciting new designs to our infamous Le Désir Classic collection. Pieces like the bodystocking with panties are valuable additions that we were missing in this collection. These lingerie pieces have new lines and shapes to accentuate the curves of the body, such as the lines on the back of the panties or the waistband that we’ve added to highlight the waist in a beautiful way. Furthermore, we have added darker sections to some items to prevent these areas from being see-through, which can be quite beneficial in making you feel more comfortable in this lingerie. Because it's all about owning who you are and feeling amazing while doing it.

To complement the new Le Désir Classics in an appealing way, we’ve designed a store POS material set that includes an eye-catching banner and postcards that show the beautiful details of the lingerie. These postcards are perfect for adding a personal touch when gifting lingerie!

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