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Erospain 2024!

Are you prepared to explore a lot of new, innovative pleasure products?

We're super excited to finally show you our NEW products! Discover our latest releases and top brands showcased at Erospain 2024, a big fair located in the center of the sunny Barcelona! Our team is prepared to engage in insightful discussions about our brands, products and the upcoming trends in sexual wellness. Get ready and book your appointments now!

Date: 5 May - 7 May 2024
Location: Fira de Barcelona - Montjuïc
Booth nr: 300

Find these brands at our booth:




OUCH! Xtreme



Le Désir



And the following distri brands:

A little teaser of what we are showcasing at our booth:
Everyone deserves to feel confident, comfortable, and empowered in their intimate lives, regardless of gender or income. This new release of Loveline contains budget-friendly products that cater to diverse preferences and needs. Loveline offers toys for exploration and adventure, enhancing couples' play, for those wo are searching for simultaneous stimulation or reaching new heights and so much more. Our new items are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a pleasurable and safe experience. Stay tuned for more!

We are adding very exciting additions to OUCH!. OUCH! is one of our in-house hero brands focused on authentic bondage and playful accessories. What started as a soft bondage brand with classic black and red designs quickly expanded to the demand of the market, a wider range for couples and individuals, soft to extreme. We are adding new products to the OUCH! range and the OUCH! Xtreme range. Stay tuned!

S-Line is another powerhouse among SHOTS' in-house hero brands, redefining humor and naughtiness in product innovation. What begins as a joke transforms into an adventure limited only by your imagination. These new S-Line products promise a delightful and unexpected twist, making them the perfect addition to any retail space or online showcase.

Exciting new items are on the horizon, and you won't want to miss out. Keep in touch for updates! See you there!

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