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This Valentine’s is all about creating moments that last forever.Give your store that Valentine vibe and what’s the best way to do that? To celebrate love with toys, lingerie, and…. giftboxes!!

We’ve made a selection of the perfect Valentine's gifts .  Make sure your store is ready for those shopping cupido’s. Whether it is a gift for partners, a thoughtful gesture for friends, or a gift for yourself, this selection promises an experience a memorable and heart-warming experience.

 What makes the VIVE collection a perfect Valentine's gift? The innovative designs and technology! The new designs from VIVE have new groundbreaking technology and are made of super soft medical-grade silicone, ensuring both comfort and safety.

Let’s take a look at one of our VIVE bestsellers. The Sora! This device delivers magical pleasure and will leave you with a radiant smile. Featuring up-and-down stimulating rings and a vibrating G-spot with numerous functions, it offers over 100 unique settings to explore. The climax button, when pressed, brings all the motors to full power, delivering an orgasmic experience beyond compare! Love is in the aaaaaair!

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Let’s talk about lingerie now, a must-have for a very sexy Valentine's! Discover the importance of lingerie and celebrate its transformative ability to infuse confidence, sensuality, and empowerment. Explore the entire collection of Le Désir, where each piece is a masterpiece made to adorn the body with elegance and confidence. Our lingerie isn't just a piece of fabric; it's a celebration of femininity, designed to make you feel irresistibly sexy and empowered. Le Désir invites you to explore, embrace your desires, and create moments that linger in the heart and mind.

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Give an experience that will be cherished.
And save the best for last.. the most exciting giftboxes you've ever laid your eyes on, our Loveline Giftboxes! These giftboxes are made to (S)explore limitless horizons. At Loveline, we believe that gifting is an art that should be as enjoyable for the giver as it is for the receiver. Our Loveline giftboxes are a celebration of togetherness and self-expression.

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