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Emphasizing sexual health and wellness, Doc Johnson's mission is to close the pleasure gap by creating high-quality, realistic, and creative products, helping everyone reach their fullest sexual potential.

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Doc's purpose and mission

The Doc Johnson brand was born in 1976. After our founder, Ron Braverman, lived in Europe, he realized that adult products had a huge consumer demographic. He worked to make Doc Johnson the world’s most imminent producer of adult products. Throughout the years, Doc Johnson has evolved from a sex-product manufacturer to an industry innovator that creates products with an emphasis on sexual health and wellness. Our mission is to help everyone reach their fullest sexual potential, closing the pleasure gap while striving to create the most high-quality, realistic, and creative products on the market. 

Driven by the principle that sexual exploration of oneself and among consenting adults is a healthy and necessary part of the human experience, each product produced under the Doc Johnson banner is created to cater to a number of interests and identities. Now in its second generation as an adult industry leader, Doc Johnson is still family-owned and has grown to become the largest pleasure products manufacturer in America, boasting a catalog of more than 2,000 unique items actively in production.